Welcome to Our Family
Now Open & Enrolling Children 2 weeks- School Age



Hours of Operation/Closures

Monday-Friday 5:30am-6:00pm 

The center will be closed on the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and one day in conjunction with Christmas Day to be determined each year.  Inclement weather such as icy roads of flooded routes may also cause us to close. We follow the Newton District's decision to close as well as our best judgement on safe road conditions. Tuition is not reduced for school closings.  

Enrollment Categories

Full time enrollment is considered 4 or 5 days. Part time enrollment is considered 1-3 days. All schedules must be set days, week to week or full time enrollment is required. We do not offer flex schedules or drop in enrollments. Infant and school age enrollments are full time only. 

Tuition payments

Tuition is due each Friday for the following week's care. Payments must be paid, in full, at drop off to receive services the following Monday. A child may not be dropped off with a current balance on the account. There may be a late fee added if a child is withdrawn for more than the current week as we are holding an enrollment position until payment is made. 

Dismissal Policy

Children may dismissed from the program if they fail to adapt well to the environment, consistent failure to pay tuition on time, consistent behavior issues which cannot be resolved by parent/center collaboration, or consistent behavior which cannot be resolved within the state guideline ratios. We understand that a facility structure is not always the best environment for all children. We make every effort to provide care individually, without diluting the quality of care for the remaining children in the group. Beginning August of 2019, we will adopt a "3 strikes" policy causing dismissal for 3 instances of uncontrollable/damaging behavior such as physical violence, leaving the designated care area, or inability to function in the KDHE guideline ratios per each age group.

Enrollment Requirements

 Our KDHE license requires full enrollment paperwork be on file before caring for a child.   

Paperwork must be turned in and complete including up to date immunizations & health physical from a licensed nurse or physician. Family First requires children in our care be immunized to benefit the majority parent preference. 

Once a start date is agreed upon by the parent and director, tuition is due to begin care.

 The registration fee must be paid in full when holding a child's position for more than 2 weeks. Infant space are not held longer than 4 weeks due to the high demand of infant care in Harvey County.

Inter-generational Activities

Family First partners with Asbury Park to provide our children, and their residents with fulfilling interaction between two generations. We schedule weekly visits to transport our children to the Asbury Park facility and interact with residents of all ages and abilities. Permission slips must be signed and on file to transport and participate in the resident visits. Traveling outside of the facility is a privilege.